OMG Steel and Iron incorporated company in its new production facilities uses the new generation  high-tech. Among our priorities of preference, we have to reinforce the machine trails of production facilities every year with investments to meet customer expectations.

We are selling all kinds of iron products such as DKP, Galvanized, HRP Silicone, Painted Steel, Tinplate, Tinplate, Aluminum, Alumunized and according to the customer Profile, Angle NPU, NPI, Pipe, Lama and all kinds of products. We produce and supply to high standarts which meet customer expectation with cutting and slitting production of DKP, HRP, GALVANIZ, SILICONE, PAINTED SHEET, BLACK SHEET, GLASS SURFACE DKP, Stainless steel sheet to desired thickness to 0,20 mm denier to 4 mm thickness.

We are among the important players in the sector with high inventory and diversity in all the items we have produced. We continue to be quality solution producers with our new generation high technologies, and we become the solution partner of companies with specific productions.

We are expecting our facilities to match our high production tonnage we have and our cost advantages we have created with our stocks.

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